DSC_0016Hard work on behalf of Care Solutions staff never goes without reward. “Our clients are constantly telling us how happy they are now that they can be at home with their spouse or with their pets in familiar surroundings,” she says. “I’m proud to say that we have helped so many seniors around the area. It’s fulfilling to know they appreciate and are thankful for what we do for them.”

Jan and Joe from Tremont, Illinois contacted Care Solutions to provide home assistance for their mother. “We can sleep easy knowing the Mom is getting the best care available anywhere and getting it at home where she is happiest,” they say.

Edna from Washington, Illinois, considered moving into a nursing home but decided the care was too expensive. “There was no way I could afford a nursing home, but Medicare pays 100% of my home care from Care Solutions,” she says. “Plus, I’m right where I want to be-at home!”